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The Soup Diet

Healthy EatingPosted by Sharon Mon, January 12, 2015 16:38:36

Are you trying to lose weight? One of the challenges that dieters face is staving off hunger, especially for those on a calorie restricted diet. These dieters often feel deprived and hungry because of the reduction in volume of food.

But this need not be the case, studies have shown that people who include low-energy-dense (low calorie) foods which have a high water content (such as healthy soups) will not only reduce the number of daily calories consumed but will also experience shorter bouts of hunger because they feel fuller for longer. I would recommend having 1 to 2 bowls of soup or stew a day as part of a calorie-controlled diet to aid your weight loss. A BBC short documentary (link below) demonstrates just how effective including soup in your diet can be.

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