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Tips for Keeping it Safe (walking for fitness)

Fitness & ExercisePosted by Sharon Sat, December 27, 2014 12:22:08

Walking is a great form of exercise, but we all know that the streets can pose their own danger or there could be a time when you feel unwell and need some assistance while you’re out-and-about. This post is not meant to scare you, but your personal safety should always factor into any form of exercise you do. Here are a few tips for staying safe whilst out for a walk:

- Carry a panic alarm

- Carry your mobile phone so that you can make a call if needs be

- Carry some coins or small notes in case you need to get a bus home or change plans

- Leave your valuables at home

- Walk with company; it gets dark very early in the winter months

- Avoid isolated streets and unsafe areas

- If you’re walking alone and feel threatened head towards a public place

- If you think you are being followed take action, follow your instincts

- Don’t approach parked cars, I can’t advise to assist or not assist motorists but think safety and never get into a strangers car

- If you need to stop and use a cash machine take precautions

- Don’t listen to loud music, its great company and motivating to have music but distractions stop you from being aware of your surroundings

But do enjoy your walk and be safe. Your local police station and organisations like Safer Streets can give you great advice about keeping safe.