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Lose 6lbs quickly

Weight LossPosted by Sharon Woma Tue, December 23, 2014 12:07:23

Do you have a special occasion coming up; need to lose 6lbs fast? Here are a few handy suggestions that I discovered.

Step one, clear out all the junk from the food cupboards, all the food that sabotage your good intentions. Donate the canned and dried goods to a food bank and do your bit for charity at the same time. Get rid of all the ‘bad’ things in the fridge then go to the supermarket and restock. Here are a few suggestions for your grocery list:

1. Whole wheat bread

2. Tuna

3. Any and all fruits

4. Any and all vegetables

5. 8 oz. steak

6. Two chicken breasts

7. Salad vegetables

8. Balsamic vinegar

9. Special K Cereal

10. Skim milk

11. Brown rice

12. Instant oatmeal (not the sweetened packaged kind though)

13. Sliced turkey breast

14. 3 servings of fish

15. Low fat yogurt

16. Eggs

These foods can form the basis of your diet, now sit down and write out a diet plan for the next seven days. Plan your breakfast, lunch, main meal and snacks for each day, being organised is part of the success formula. Because you have gotten rid of the junk, there’ll be no Plan B and no cheat days.

Step 2, factor in some exercise. Walking is a great low impact form of exercise. Get yourself a pedometer or an app on your phone or iPod that will measure the number of steps taken. Try to walk at least 10,000 steps each day, it may seem like a lot but here are some ways to fit it into your day:

1. Don’t take the easy option when parking for work or to go the store. Parking at the far end of the parking lot or a few blocks away will do you good.

2. If you take the bus or train to work, get off a few stops before your destination and walk (if this is practical and safe). During the spring and summer months I would walk six miles to work, it’s really easy, trust me!

3. Don’t rely on the escalator or the lift (elevator), take the stairs. You’ll have great legs in no time at all!

4. Take time to meet face-to-face with colleagues. We spend so much time in a sedentary position. The occasional walk across the office is good practice.

5. Take the dog for a walk, if you don’t have a dog borrow one. I used to have a morning stroll with my neighbour’s 2 Yorkshire Terriers before work.

6. Go walking before dinner; this should help reduce your appetite.

7. Join a walking club; try for some interesting groups.

Step 3 should be easy but most of us fail in this area. You need to drink more water, try to drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water each day. You may need more hydration if you work out a lot. Spread your water intake throughout the day to make it easier. Your tea and juice intake counts towards your daily total but remember sugar and diuretics are counterproductive.

In summary eat healthily, walk more and drink a substantial amount of water. It might seem like a challenge but it is possible to be disciplined for a week and the reward is great – goodbye to some unwanted pounds.