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3 Quick Weight Loss Tips

Weight LossPosted by Sharon Woma Mon, December 22, 2014 17:30:27

Have you ever struggled to lose weight? Don’t give up hope, although many of us have come to the conclusion it’s a losing battle, it is NOT an impossible feat! By following some easily implemented tips you’ll soon be saying goodbye to those unwanted kilos. Is it plain sailing? Well no, losing weight requires planning, discipline, commitment and work – the determination has to start and end with you. If you are serious about losing weight and you’re ready to follow a sensible eating plan, get moving and change your mind set you will lose weight, and more importantly keep it off.

Dieting can sometimes feel perpetual. Yo-yo dieting or the annual New Year’s resolution can have us back at ‘square one’ over and over again (but we’ll cover the psychology behind weight loss or gain another time). What if we could lose weight and maintain it FOREVER. If you’ve not signed up to the RSS feed of this blog or for our newsletter do so today to learn about the lifestyle changes you need to make to WIN at weight loss. Ignore the fads, forget about starvation and eat the food you love. Discover what really works. Start today with these 3 tips and follow this blog for more:

1. Maintain focus – We used to say ‘all you need is willpower’ but willpower only comes into play when you are feeling deprived or ready to throw in the towel. Maintaining willpower is the wrong emphasis, telling yourself you can’t have a particular food, usually results in you dreaming of ‘it’ all day long (ever been there?) and setting yourself up for failure. Having focus is the opposite of willpower – focus on why you want to lose weight; what are the benefits; what is the end goal? And how will you feel when you get there. Once focussed you will be thinking about the positive aspects of your weight loss plan. Something as simple as pinning an old photo of yourself at your ideal weight or someone you admire to your mirror and reminding yourself of your goal every time you see it could bring about some big mental changes.

2. Get moving – Of course it is possible to lose weight without exercise by cutting calories. But you’ll achieve a greater success and healthier body if exercise becomes part of your life (check out one of our blogs about exercise benefits). You don’t even have to join a gym, try walking, cycling, jogging, dancing, Zumba, boxing, gardening or taking up a sport you’ve always wanted to try – the key here is that it must be something you enjoy or you won’t stick at it. Just start somewhere. Get moving! Each extra activity equals more calories burned.

3. Effort - Yes, weight loss does take effort. The truth is the more effort you put in the more you’ll lose. First of all set a few goals – a big goal could be dropping a dress size or losing 25 kilos in x-number of months and smaller goals to keep you motivated could include how much you will lose in month one. Then set yourself a schedule to exercise; plan your meals and snacks (to avoid eating unhealthy foods during those ‘emergency’ moments); gather some simple weight loss tools (bathroom scale, tape measure, food diary etc); create a log to keep track of your progress; and get yourself a cheerleader who will encourage you, attend a class with you and share in your success; also give yourself non-food related rewards when you achieve your milestones.

I hope you found this interesting and remember I am here to support you. If you’re in the Bristol One UK or surrounding area, why not schedule a workout (the first one is FREE) or diet consultation – telephone/text Sharon on 0771 615 1416.

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